FOREVER IN YOUR HEART! Whether we adopt them, or they adopt us, our pets are part of our family.


I am a St. Louis native and have been a community volunteer for 32 years. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Saint Louis University and a Masters in Health Science from Washington University. I am certified in Pet Loss and Grief Companioning through the International Cemetery Crematory Funeral Association and Pet Loss Professional Alliance. I have served in a variety of capacities with pets for over 16 years and currently work with several veterinarians and pet professionals in the St. Louis area. I currently volunteer for Dirks Fund Golden Retriever & Large Breed Rescue and Circus Flora. I also serve as an Advisory Board Member for Five Acres Animal Shelter and Board Member for Hope Mending Hearts.

My story begins out of compassion, dedication, and great love for my golden retrievers. Sam, Alex, & Sophie were family. They were my special friends who did so much to enhance my life, that at the end of their life I wanted them treated like the special beings they were.

Compassion and love for my goldens led me on a journey to take care of my furry kids in the utmost respectable way after they have passed. I have a strong desire to honor pets at the end of their life. I feel passionate about helping pet parents as they go through the difficult journey when their pet passes away.

As a pet advocate and pet loss grief specialist I want personal service, choices, and the utmost respectable care available to pets and pet parents. I take care of all pets as if they were my own from the time they come into my care until the cremated remains are returned home.

KATHY A. KUEBLER, MHS, Certified in Pet Loss and Grief Companioning

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