FOREVER IN YOUR HEART! Whether we adopt them, or they adopt us, our pets are part of our family.


1: Kathy of Paws Forever is an angel. Our 10 year old pup, Anna had spent over a week at the emergency veterinary hospital VSS after falling ill. It was determined her cancer had returned and she was terminal. The veternarians helped us keep Anna comfortable during her final weeks, but who would take care of us, our family? I called Kathy of Paws Forever, from VSS before we even brought Anna home for hospice care.

My husband and I were worried about our family. Kathy is the angel who guided us during this time of anticipated grief. She helped us prepare our home and hearts. She helped us with suggested books for children and words of comfort that our 4 year old would understand. She gave me advice how to help our second pup, Indie, Anna's brother adjust to losing his sister. Kathy talked with me when I had fears, worries and tears. She told me, “try not to grieve full time, but love her to the fullest!” Those words helped my heart stay positive for Anna and my family during her last couple weeks.

When the day came that I knew would be Anna's last, I was afraid. I called our veterinarian, then I called Kathy. My parents came to pick up my daughter, she was able to say goodbye to Anna. Kathy arrived at our home about 30 minutes after I called her. Anna greeted Kathy and leaned on her leg. It's like she thanked her for coming and taking care of her family. Kathy stayed with us and comforted Indie as Anna passed away peacefully on her own, at her home, as my husband and I held her.

Kathy was incredibly understanding and patient. She stayed with us until we were ready for her to take Anna into her care. The level of respect Kathy showed for Anna's remains was exceptional. Anna was our fur baby and Kathy treated her as such. Kathy kept close contact with me during the cremation process. Anna's ashes were personally returned to us by Kathy two days later in a white box and wrapped in a beautiful blue chiffon bag. It was so sad and comforting at the same time.

My family is forever grateful for Kathy and the guidance she provided us during such a difficult time. I highly recommend her to anyone who is facing the loss of a pet. We will definitely be reaching out to Kathy and Paws Forever for end of life care for all our fur babies.

— Liz Buchek

2: I am so grateful to have met Kathy when I did, which was just a few weeks before my Oliver passed away. A friend had recently lost her pet and had attended a pet loss group where Kathy was in attendance. Because my Oliver had cancer, I had a few weeks to prepare for his death. I had an end of life plan, which was almost completely set. Kathy was the last piece of the puzzle and after speaking with her about the services she would provide, I felt better knowing the plan was complete and that I would have someone to help me through the emotional process of letting my Oliver go.

Even though it was late on a Friday evening when my Oliver died, Kathy came to my house and spent time with me talking. She didn't rush me and she just let me be with my thoughts. I knew that my Oliver would be in good hands with Kathy and that she would treat him with dignity and compassion. My sister was with Kathy and me that night and as soon as Kathy left, my sister turned to me and said "who is that angel?!" Kathy has a serene and peaceful demeanor, which is comforting.

A few days later, Kathy called to set up a time to return to my house with my Oliver's ashes. Again, she sat with me and let me talk and just be.

Although Oliver's death was one of the most difficult things I have had to go through, Kathy added to the experience and helped make it a peaceful and loving experience. I am grateful for her.

— Amy Johnson

3: Kathy, I'm glad to hear from you! I'm doing much better now. I still miss him bunches but I look at the picture on my wall everyday and it makes me happy. Since we've last seen you we've gotten him a stone to put on top of where we buried him in the backyard. It's really special to me and I love walking back there just to look at it. I don't cry about him as much, but I still think of him a lot. I really appreciate what you've done for me! It really helped to talk about it and I loved the different techniques and options you gave me. I hope to hear from you soon!

— Madeline

4: Having lost my beloved Champ only a couple of months ago, I cannot express enough the comfort I felt having known about, from Kathy, the options available of having my pet handled privately and with such dignity. Grief and a time to heal are necessary and it is wonderful to have someone, such as Kathy, to share in this experience when friends and relatives want to move on and forget. My pet was handled in the same manner as my relatives - what a wonderful feeling to know that. Thank you Kathy. I feel that God sent you to all of us that grieve.

— Jeannie

5: Kathy is a special person. I lost Tawney 2 years ago and was beyond grief and despair. Did not like at all how my beloved friend was ''put down". I was alone and laid by her side, my golden retriever and I, telling her it would be okay, but knowing it would never be okay for me. Two years later, I have Tucker, a totally different golden but a sweetheart. Kathy has helped when Tucker hurt his leg and is just a caring person who honors pets!

— Sandy

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